1. Big Girl

  2. The Love Tape

  3. Say It Louder
    F.U. STAN

  4. Banned From All Bars
    Wally Clark and Farmabeats

  5. GOON
    Wally Clark and Flu

  6. Cocaine Dreams
    Wally Clark and Evan Blocker

  7. Bully
    Wally Clark and Hobgoblin

  8. Flexin
    Wally Clark and Tone E.T.

  9. Write Privilege
    Wally Clark

  10. Pennywise
    Wally Clark

  11. Black Magic Woman
    Wally clark

  12. The Circle
    Eto x Wally Clark

  13. The Circle (Remixes)
    Eto x Wally Clark

  14. Life/Bud Davis 7"
    ETO x Wally Clark

  15. The Circle (Test Press)

  16. Mrs. Maisel
    Wally Clark

    Wally Clark

  18. Russian Percussian (Feat. Al.Divino)
    Wally Clark

  19. bananas.

  20. Blue Suede
    Wally Clark

  21. Outta My Mind
    Wally Clark

  22. Fighting Words
    Wally Clark

  23. Goodbye America
    Wally Clark

  24. 93 Still (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Souls of Mischief

  25. Year of the Goat
    Wally Clark

  26. Fling.
    Wally Clark

  27. Dear Daniel: a tribute to MF DOOM
    Wally Clark

  28. Sportin' Waves
    Wally Clark

  29. Right Here
    Kurtis Stanley

  30. Gummy Soul
    Kurtis Stanley

  31. I Caught A Vibe
    Wally Clark

  32. Winner (Gummy Soul x Beck)
    Wally Clark

  33. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Ol' Dirty Bastard

  34. Fela Soul (De La Soul + Fela Kuti)
    Amerigo Gazaway

  35. Ice Ice Baby (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Vanilla Ice

  36. Bap City (Video Remix Project)

  37. Underneathu Remix
    Wally Clark

  38. Shutterbugg (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Otis Redding x Big Boi

  39. Lovers Lane
    Wally Clark

  40. Da Art of Storytellin' (Gummy Soul RMX)
    Outkast ft. Slick Rick

  41. Built For This (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Method Man

  42. Short But Sweet

  43. Pretty Boy (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Soulja Boy

  44. Sit Back (Produced by Gummy Soul)
    Mic Floss ft. GLC

  45. Spring Came Early (Ft. Wally Clark, Kurtis Stanley)

  46. The Stuyvesants Meet Gummy Soul
    Kurtis Stanley

  47. Time's Flying (Produced by Dirty Cabin)
    Kurtis Stanley

  48. How Long

  49. Pillows

  50. Gummy Soul Album (Instrumentals)
    Wally Clark

  51. 93 Still (Gummy Soul Instrumentals)
    Souls of Mischief

  52. Gold Leaf (Gummy Soul Remix)
    Wild Honey


Wally Clark Denver, Colorado

Record Company owned by Rapper/Producer Wally Clark

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