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Year of the Goat

by Wally Clark

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I’d like to welcome everybody to the Year of the Goat, rock a sweater prolly while I appear on a float, got some clear in the coke, never fearing the po, ho, I clear a bowl, while I’m steering the boat, show up to the show a half an hour late, It was just a power play, the more they wait the more the salivate, I found a way to get paid for what I say gave away all my tapes to baes that love my ways, that’s free publicity, they hug and kiss on me, but I don’t tell them too much, they love the mystery, I let music talk, getting oohs and ahhs, from you a yalls, it helps that I’m suave, improving odds, cause life’s a game, and you gotta fucking play to win it, your favorite rapper gotta fame but he can’t pay for dinner, paying strippers for brain, and bottle service, but off the strength of my name I got her nervous Pre game at the pad before the party Paul Mcartny, all I need is love and four bacardis, Mardi Grasing while I’m rocking more chains than Jacob Marley, in a grape Denali, up in the front that’s player parking, Don’t need a wristband for this man, cause it fam, so listen, I’m skipping the line with no resistance, I hug the bouncer and I ask him how his momma been he let’s me bring the bottle in, I grin as I follow him, To the VIP, he don’t ask to see ID, did some dirt as some teens like Chi Ali, bein aqui papi chulo, memories, of popping putos, rocking psuedo, the party don’t stop until the cocka doodle, then I hit the diner, pull a hundred out my linen liner, the kid a winner since I been a minor my women lineup consists of Amazonians, who bone me in their home and then loan me to their lonely friends
China Shop 01:41
The flow fast acting, surpass fashion, but I still rock a suit and a tie, I’m Mad Mackin,' Jon Hammin, Roger "Silver Fox" Sterling, Shit I drink on the job but never earling, forever Merlin, I’m curling your girlfriend, then poof I’m gone, when in a wirlwind, so sianara, I know you eying ours, I’m not a novice, get stoned and write a novel, The Overlooker You can find me on the rooftops, I known the hooker since Nas was smoking ooh-ops, I keep the photos in a shoe box, my jukebox, filled with old soul and plenty doo wop, After I do pot, add a little snap for me, or a soul clap while I rap casually, Actually These are just some of my finer thought, I’d rather not become a bull in a china shop,
Late Nights 01:57
Late nights, never had the stage fright, keep the butter fly on my shoulders and then I take flight, peace to K Hite and all the other photogs,, who keep the old god, looking star without the botox, I guess I get a lot of beauty sleep, asking who is he, since a teen he had them beauty queens, tho I prefer them a little different, get her swerved and lifted, make her purr in her ignition, Start the engine, clark the henchmen, not to mention he was called to ball from God in heaven, a reverend, sent to lead by example, to he fly is ample, his knees they tied an anvil, to try to keep him down, these freaking clowns, got the leaking mouth so he watch who he speak around, and that’s reeler than the big fish, who left his small pond to get on but became a big dish,
Pollock 03:32
Another Day, Another Dollar, Clark the Scholar, Watch me paint another Pollock, spray the ink on the page and make it brolic, don’t save Wallace; just praise the artist, cause I’m starving, I raised the bar; because I got parched, my life’s a rom com, I stay strapped like my osh cosh, with a Magnum, not a gun just some 45s, Colt 40 live, it ain’t fun unless my homies ride, fuck Cobra Ki, wax the ride, and I paint the fence; subtract your pride, everybody gotta pay they pense, don’t be dense, be water, like bruce lee taught ya, loose leaf blotter, tune in and see God from, these clean cuplets; don’t be puppets, be sweet lovers, they want us all screaming fuck it, but god damn; what’s the joy in that?, I rather roll the dice, than live my life holdin back It’s kinda funny when you think about it, the money counted, is the sum of the people’s talent, cause if I’m not paid, don’t mean I’m not played, it’s a stock trade, maybe a game in an arcade, I want the cheat code, I’m done with the heave hoe, yeen know, wanna be more than just a Webelo, a Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scouting for that rare hymien, don’t compare my rhyming to squares, they're like sirens, leading you astray, hit em with that Q and A, victim you are lame, babay, the way I spew the game, so Pat me on the back and look me in the Vannas, and don’t Say Jack to the fact I took advantage, not talking sexual, cause that’s always consentiual, I gotta pention to, pull extentions, and get a mention fool, half my business in this is from referrials, cause these girls, travel the world, to see the D earl, Because, I’m well known,
Capricorn 01:49
It’s kinda hard to bear for the kodiac, drink conyac, while I stare at her Zodiac, while trying to make sense, the stars say we're perfect, tried to look to the gods but it ain’t working, We're both water signs, jump inside the deep end, let’s be friends, On an Island, we spent the weekends, it depends, on what you call finding love, we shared a spark, but there aren’t no fall lightning bugs, So when the Autumn hit, the bottom split, tock tick, went to the clock demolished it, and so I’m sorry Ms. Johnson, but I’m like three thou, the weed cloud, can’t cover up that I’m a rebound, I see now, that I was just an escape from, the fake ones, that love to bust on your great buns, but that’s all you ever thought you are, that’s why you couldn’t fall for the Wally Clark, I’m sorry doll thought I be more than just an escape, it’s straight, but i thought I’d see more than just a mixtape,
Beastie 03:19
A, I’m an MC, B-boy, never toy, Presley, If you wanna see the king give me the Mike D, Add Rocking keep clocking till it strike 3, on Dust Brother, enuff milk will bust udders, I’m built as drunk truckers, feel silt on the rudders, hit the Starboard, right on the bar floor, it’s hardcore as doing parkour on a par four, A shwing and a hit, couldn’t resist to put the thing in a bitch, wrist wrist, I’m ya father, tisk tisk, don’t even bother to but a ring on the chick, I always have a home where I lay my hat, different track, new dome and a shaven snatch, face the back and I always watch the doorway, she gave me lots of foreplay on ye she copped from Jorge I’ll stress in the morning killa head Becky De Mornay my friends tried to warn me, what’s at steak, she filating me on ye I’ll stress in the morning killa head Rabecky De Mornay my friends tried to warn me, what’s at steak, she filating me on ye Shit this broad kinda bougie, so I took the hoochie to Paul’s Boutique and bought a pair of Lee’s some Timbs, a pair of trees, apparently, she finds my sportswear embarrassing, called her a Dyke she delicious like Matt and Micheal, suspicious like packing rifles, and vicious like rappin rivals, and get Ill like I had a licence bring a champ to his knees, when I’m inticing, Pause, now kitten’s making biscuits on the God, aww while I’m kissing her arm, like Gomez get the whole spread at the Palm, ya’ll I’m like Nas up at the Parthenon, too many rappers, that’s wacker, than Clark the don, Boy I try to keep it Beastie, or at least G, and walk the beach in a three peace I’ll stress in the morning killa head Becky De Mornay my friends tried to warn me, what’s at steak, she filating me on ye I’ll stress in the morning killa head Rabecky De Mornay my friends tried to warn me, what’s at steak, she filating me on ye
Try 02:49
They told me to gain experience, then they told me I’m too old and they ain’t hearing it, said they love the way it sounds, but they ain’t clearing it, they sneer at my appearance, it’s clear that they are fearing him, I did my 10,000 hours before I dropped an album, now it’s a challenge to leave the house without a Valium. They say I’m past my prime, but I wasn’t passing time, I practiced rhyme, so my raps would pass and not be asinine, Aglass of wine, aging since the 80s, raised in Hades, my mind was ADHD, what motivates me, is holdin pastries, from my spoken sayings, go for the gold like Show and AG, I’m diggin in the crates, swigging while I’m lifting weights, big in different states, but where I living, I ain’t getting play, spent a day as I prayed to the most high said I’d never learn to fly if I don’t try I guess I'll give it a shot, they say the good die young, but I’m not Big into Pac This is my dream and I never had a plan B, but they say don’t believe in what you can’t see Some call it faith, I just call it being stubborn, because I never had a taste for being governed, but it’s hard being the lone wolf, trying not to eat the sheep in the control room, With all them head nods, they might as well said bah, Instead they said bra, you next, I said whateva, cause then they ask me for a trap beat, all origy, no diggy like I’m Backtreet, Because there just was still was a Bill for that sample, for example, I’m like Andrew with a can of Campbell’s, Warholing, while mauling on your darling, shit I’ll ball 'til I fall like Mulhalland, and I’m a target like a gunman’s aim, they say this market is a young man’s game, spent a day as I prayed to the most high said I’d never learn to fly if I don’t try I guess I'll give it a shot, they say the good die young, but I’m not Big into Pac This is my dream and I never had a plan B, but they say don’t believe in what you can’t see


released December 9, 2015

Written and Produced by Wally Clark


all rights reserved



Wally Clark Denver, Colorado

Record Company owned by Rapper/Producer Wally Clark

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