Sportin' Waves

by Wally Clark



Fresh off the success of 93 Still, the exclusive remix album of Souls of Mischief’s 93 'Til Infinity, Gummy Soul founder Wally Clark is back with his 2nd solo release, and is Bandcamp's newest featured artist.

The Nashville native, who founded Gummy Soul in 2008, combines Tennessee's rich history of Soul music with his love of Hip-Hop, to create a feel that is both new, and from another time.

On Sportin' Waves, Clark uses his smokey voice, to seduce the listener with Southern charm and effortless wit. The result is a moody, sexually charged album, full of clever tales that are funny, yet lyrically advanced, and filled with inebriated wisdom.

In a suit, and wearing his hair in a classic pompadour, Clark makes cocktails on stage, and raps with a Sure 55 "Elvis Mic," to channel the essence of the great Soul singers that he samples.

So pour yourself a drink, kick your feet up, and relax to Sportin' Waves.

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released October 1, 2013

Written by: Wally Clark
Produced by: Gummy Soul
"Holla" beat by DoubleR
Mixed by: Matic Lee @MaticLee

2013 Gummy Soul Records



all rights reserved


Gummy Soul Nashville, Tennessee

Born and bread in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Track Name: Holla
Holla, take an L out it's hola,
fo’ dollas, my swag is pretty boy soldja,
I told ya,
don't sleep, I wak up with Folgers,
and Donuts,
I keep my cream (Kreme) crispy,
little whiskey in my soda,

hold up,
I think I have an idea,
pick up some beer,
know a party
we can slide there,
I got some clear,
and an Arizona Ice Tea,
we might be,
the flyest kids around, yeah It's likely,

the fur on my coat, make it easy to rope, a little chicken,
and when I get my bucket it is easy pickins,
ya gotta love it, I does it and it's beautiful,
up jumps a suitable, slut for the dude to pull

you might work in a cubicle, to pay off ya school,
but it's your day off, ya fool
I think I remind her of her fatha, (father)
well kinda,
cause when he get angry then he hollas, ya folla (follow)

holla, holla, holla , holla
Holla, holla,
Holla, holla, holla, holla , holla
Holla, holla,
Holla, holla, holla, holla , holla
Holla, holla,
Bitch let me, holla , holla

Wake up
collar caked up with make up
I holla-ed at a fake slut,
who wallowed bout her break up,
her A cup,
smaller than I usually go for,
but with her fat ass
she had me rushin (Russian) like the Cold War,

no cold sores,
cleaner than I keep my teefies,
she's pulling of my three piece
we chief up in her teepee,
a repeat,
smoke weed and watch Beat Street,
for three weeks,
but I might leave when she needs me

the wood in my Ac, makes it easy to stack
a couple broads, and you know the odds, it's in the cards,
you gotta dig it, I dug it and i did it,
up jumps the rhythm, and young punks get livid
when they see me at Red Door getting some free shots,
in a green top and some knee socks
like Tyler,
not Stephan; Creator
peace see you later, gotta holler at my neighbor
Track Name: Strong Woman
Peace to the old timer
who hit me with the cold line
who showed me how turn a ho to a gold mine,
his whole shine,
been tested and proved
he had a couple dozen chicks, when he nested the coop, (coupe)

he’s estrogen proof,
immune the ways of them broads,
he raising the odds,
he told her that he was raising a squad
but she'd have to do more than strip, to get with it,
and they don't ever split the digits, he gets it

a hundred percent,
the money is spent,
on bail for the tail,
if confronted by them,
I asked him how he did,
30 years of the pimpin,
didn't he ever think of doing something different?

he said never, gotta go out and get,
and that he chose this life and then he lived it,
I don't really see him much these days,
but he taught me how to play, when I hear her say

Look at you, with ya hair in a bun,
you was looking for a player,
now you staring at one,
comparing to none,
swear i seen your face in a magazine,
fashioning, some lace girl got taste and your swag is mean,

it's Maddening how i'm ballin',
you gotta couple chips and you all in but now I'm calling,
now you stalling in the bathroom sniffin,
a little dope cause you hope id leave from lack of interest,

Pinterest, posted up, like I'm missin,
but I won't leave till she needs my prescription,
she gifted, in the ways of this world,
like Minnie Pearl
lifted i'm appraising this girl

raisin the girl
give her the sun until she shrivels,
glazing her buns til she comes in triples,
dimples on her on her back, attack
cause she real fit,
real thick,
little baby fat and i feel it
Track Name: Hibiscus
The fly charismatic,
looking fancy in the pantry to the pageant,
southern gentlemen, without the accent,
maxin, roll up a jackson,

James dean, skin color beige cream,
stay lean, and had the dream since eighteen
The line's form on my face and hands
I'm thirty now,
so I'm torn when I'm making plans,

I wanna settle down, but I wanna see the world,
I wanna fuck some other broads, but I need my girl,
I wanna sleep all day, but I gotta go and get it,
wanna win it without a lawyer and a codefendant,

I made Gummy Soul just to getting going poppy,
I'll ride that bitch till I'm broke, like an old jalopy,
It's gonna feel great when I get's my Grammy,
I'll order up a veil steak and I'll kiss my Granny

I ain't got time for that fiddle fattle,
so I ain't gotta rhyme in your little battle,
coffee shops cats and you broke ballers,
it's no problem to go and smoke all ya's

whole hearted, the flow lauded,
show up to the show and go tarted,
might smack a gold tooth outta tourist,
ya gotta provide proof, I'm a purist,

Brita sipper, nit picker liquor shot licka, tipper,
tock ticker, dodge the cop slicker,
the pot picker got a lot quicker,
the bock knicker,
hotter than Pac or a pot sticker,

they call me Granddaddy, Godfather, OG,
Capitain Naughty will go potty on your whole team,
I show and prove with my classy ways,
and all the youngins show me love as they pass me Js