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by Wally Clark

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Fling. 00:52
Wally World 03:08
It’s the National Lampoon, It’s Wally World with more cream than crab rangoon, but if you call me cocky, you thoughts malarkey, she calls me Sparky the name’s Clark when I’m Griswalding, we bump D’Angelo, the Bevies and the Vandeross her cantalopes, Brand New Heavies there for my hand to grope, and She Drives Me Crazy, this Visine lady, got my eyes seeing Daisy, Fuentes, athletic little temptress, asmatic from our sessions, put our mattress on the guest list, cause we boning everywhere we going, the reason that the curtains flowing, we sneaked behind your show and owned it, Told the management to handle it, guess this manuscript, makes this man a vandal, burn a strand like both candle wicks, Nimble, splashing waterfalls like Sam Kimble, Ludacris, and shoot a kiss from a damn thimble, Peter Pan, looking for a Wendy Sam Cooke, darling You Send Me to Neverland Ranch minus the Jesus Juice, speak the truth, they shouldn’t of let that damn fetus loose, Peter Pan, looking for a Wendy Sam Cooke, darling You Send Me to Neverland Ranch minus the Jesus Juice, speak the truth, they shouldn’t of let that damn fetus loose, It’s been five since the King died, well more like 8, the James Version, more equipped for that royal name, might talk over your head like I’m David Byrne, watch the neighbors burn, they said it was, but the same it weren’t, the pay is dirt but I stretch it like a hamstring, do the damn thing, Peter Frampton of the Sampling, Lampin like halogen in the outlet, halibut and salad, then wilin on the pallacquiredet, my taste acquired, my place a place for silence, but her face erase the headaches and taste for violence, we get live as the bed shakes you pay your tithings, 10 am on a Sunday off Reganomics
The Illmore 03:11
Leo moon with a water sun taught me how to be a tiger, Bill Watterson clawed her Calvins off, declined comment, caught her mouthin off, but stopped her mind vomit I’m on it, she’s kind to my sonnets, cause my rhyme phonics, glide when I’m on it, blue bonnet slide, like I’m butter, can’t believe you coffee talked with my mother now you got me all verklempt, and now Wally on the fence, along came Polly now i’m tense but I’m not I’m following yer mens, and calling in yer meds, sorry for what i said but I meant it when i spoke it, no joking, I don’t choke off Joe Rogans, hold potions, smoke the po potent and go Coen, direct the whole motion, Oh there it is, I found my second wind, I’m going in, now you need to phone your next of kin cause I’m excellent, rhyme for the heck it, reckaless, got a house note on my neckalace, The Wild Stallion, huh I’m Ted talking, the child valiant, and uh, I’m been awesome, in Austin, flossin at the Illmore, had Sasha walk me in through them steel doors, I feel for, you people in the line, cuh, you pray fa, sheep up in the mind ta, a bunch of wolves, you follow a bunch of rules, swallow a bunch of stool, I’m Lake Tahoe in the pool, cold lampin, old soul samplin, with slow flow, you can control her whole manners, full house while the DJ Tanners, we heat rock, but please stop with the candid cameras
Pool Party 01:41
Pool Pool party, then crash the fine wedding, sun kissed suit and tie is my setting, another Saturday in the life of, played truth or dare, but sweared to keep it Fight Club, now we all naked, stark raven, Clark done brought out the bar, we start playing, nobody looking at they phones, we all present tense, burn the evidence, and learn to just remember it, Words Of Wisdom, WOW I’m that deep, But not too cool, to gets down in backseats, cause life is short, like Peter Dinklage with shrinkage, but life is sport, gotta sink it until I’m stinking, All net, I’m called the tall vet, I’m ballin, hard in the paint I’m all wet, Let’s take back to where it all started, skinny dipping on a Sunday, retarded
Tom Sellek 04:32
Breeze blowing, feel the wind on my chest hair, linen pants gently dance on my best pair, silver fox, looking for a coupe with chickens in it, scoop his dinner, pull off all their stocks and bond with Mrs. Winners, with a side of macaroni, I attract the Monies without Love and matrimonies, She born to breed, It a shame, that she went home with me, won’t get over me, after my thang in her ovaries, this potpourri, put in a jar and sell it, parked the relic, through it in my stash spot, and called it Sellek, grabbed a couple Magnums, locked it back I’m double bagging, like Bilbo and Frodo, in the photos, dodging dragons, John Higgins, T.C. and Rick Wright, crashed a copper, Leonarda , when I sniff white pick a night, any night, and I can make it the time of your life Who you be? P I M P movie star I M, N D B I am MVP, in Siam, willin, at the B N B Who you be? P I M P movie star I M, N D B I am MVP, in Tialand, willin, at the B N B Ladies say I look like E.P. the Memphis, the kid, king of everythin, on their tee tees my penmenship Obama chain on my necklace, I promenade, as I wave to all my hecklers, hotter than than the fourth of, I spotter her in Nordstroms, and offer her a portion, of the key lime, you can see why, she fine, skied three lines at tea time then played backgammon, you on the bandwagon, I’m cat padding, purr n back scratching, little bit of fur, not that that matters, landing strip no mannequins I need an ass fatter, bass master, I catch and release the Kim Catralls that I fetch from my CDs, jeez, It’s just the thrill of the hunt, but I gotta stay pillaging Attila the Hun Who you be? P I M P movie star I M, N D B I am MVP, in Siam, willin, at the B N B Who you be? P I M P movie star I M, N D B I am MVP, in Tialand, willin, at the B N B
I been with this dame for years, and created an animal, was too cool with the chick, and played it Samuel, I made a manual, three little Fonzies, I never ringed Yolandi, to the keep the thing on me, cause I had to come correctamundo, put down the gun slow, and take a couple racks of these hundos seek a better life, and find you a nice one until your life's done or smoke the pipe of the ricin, I'll be alright in a pork pie, like Walt White, a fort night has past, I live a false life, cause I'm drowning in women now, but hear the sound of her meow, out these kittens’ mouths I close my eyes and imagine all her tattoos, and leave them bruised and confused, from my past moves, when I make love to these strangers, she had a banger, and dug that I'm a sanger If you love her then you gotta let her go swim, but if the tide brings her back then you go in, but they don't give you advise for when she leaves again, are you supposed to be a friend, or advitizen? Walk up in the bar and see her with a new fella, she playing pool, titties popping out her blue sweater, I should've knew better, I thought she needed time to think, I smile and wink, as I go and find a drink I'ma grab some water baby, you just hold tightly, I'm in her purse, as I search for the ho I.D. oh it's Hydie, word to the all mighty, I'm might be swerved, but girl is in a nighty, She throw on Spotify, I got some pot to try, I rock the Wallos, wallaby (while I be) up in my Modern Life, what's not to like, I'm grown and I'm sexy, they prone to Presley, from morning to next week, they fell in love, cause of what the felon dos with a peck on the neck and a melon rub, it's well enough, it'll get me through the next day, I slick my hair back on track and I press play, Sportin Waves, Dapper Dan, grab her hand quickly, more than blazed, Rapper Man, tapper tan titties, she's a fan of the damn ditties, the man witty, she ran to the van and lamped with me she was pretty, but damn she ain't emma, It's my dilemma, in France, and can't get up, cause my muse ain’t amused, by the name check, I’m famous, but the game has proven aimless i’m at a show in Atlanta, drinking dirty Fanta, the dirty grampa, get swerved with the girl named Pamela, but then I see Campbell, the Dream weaver, believer, till i see the thing on her ring finger
Vacation 03:18
It gets easier over time, imported fine wine, martini order a lime, then the wool on my coat pocket, caught her rope and broke her gold locket, in the middle was a picture of her sailor husband, who mailed her dozens of times, but then he wasn’t, now she looking for filler guy, she waited for a year and cried, now doesn’t even feel inside, Vilified by her family, they called her trampy, Paul and Nancy, balling, oh god it can’t be, your daughter needs a man, who tickles her fancy, who’s not a fantasy, she needs a Plan B, the mourning after, she says she made a big mistake, and now he’ll never come home, because she didn’t wait, darling you should stay patient, and just consider this as a vacation, It’s a vacation, from your problems It’s not mine to solve em so stop by and spark one, I’ve got my own private Jazz Lounge, so maybe we can spazz out till we pass out, It’s a vacation, from your problems It’s not mine to solve em so stop by and spark one, I’ve got my own private Jazz Lounge, so maybe we can spazz out till we pass out, She’s a full time student, she finds boozing just some high schooling, the music that I’m doin,’ 60 hour weeks she wakes up at five thirty, she gotta work a double shift while I’m curling, up in the bed, the spread is immaculate, it was passionate, she crashed from me smashing it, imagined it, and I smile as i stretched my wings, the best of things, get a towel then the pressure stings, the tope tiles felt cold when I strolled out, no doubt, we even pulled the fold out couch out. she don’t normally do this, but after two wine coolers, she was drooling, and swooned as I fine tune it, she was moaning in D Flat, then leaned back, she laughed then said “Where the weed at?” Never-mind my occupation, we’re vodka chasing let’s chalk this up as a well needed vacation, It’s a vacation, from your problems It’s not mine to solve em so stop by and spark one, I’ve got my own private Jazz Lounge, so we can spazz out till we pass out
Almost Over 01:56
Life’s got a funny way of throwing monkey wrenches for the fences, I swung and stunned the catchers, batting 300, makes me a legend but outta ten, shit, I’m missing seven, I wanna do better, then two medals, surrounded by hoes like Bruce Jenner, cause when I go swimming, with four women there’s no limits, Master the P, in mo’ innings, a little extra, she feel the texture, in her middle sector, the pressure builds and she squeals in pleasure, I peel her tangerine, and damsel cream, on my hands are rings, just a king looking for a queen, not a princess, I’m not with the incest, so don’t call me daddy, if your my mistress cause that’s for little boys, who don’t know what a father is, what’s your politics, are you trying to fuck your daughter kid? I thought not, dog that’s not hot, it’s god awf,’ get a life and ball off, cause if you treat her like a girl, then she acts up, I let her peek into my world then she packed up
My Opus 02:08
They say love is a game, but they don’t tell you fools that everybody came, with a different set of rules, so don’t read the hand, read the woman, don’t think you couldn’t, the proof is what you put in, naked model on my back look I’m Vladimir grab a beer, always down to ride, but I’d rather steer, the rowing boat, I’m sewing oats out in Roanoke, she got more snow, than those in Poconos, I quit saving hoes back in the double Os, won’t get a hose, just tell her stop, drop and roll, cause you can teach a man to fish and he’ll be straight, but I’d rather lead that fish onto the plate, some call me a pimp, I say I’m life coaching, I’m boasting, my limp is my opus, over dosing on shrimp and five Trojans I’m wide open, take a sip and I’m coastin
Werewolf 08:29
It’s called taste, get a whiff of it, after shave on my face, after bic-in’ it, she lickin’ it, ’til theres no trace that the dick was in, thick and thin, then show up at your place then i slid it in, you felt love coming out me, so don’t doubt me, when you’re without me, cause had a lot of girls, but only one women, so don’t get red when I check under the hood and, she understood that I’m wolf and I gotta prowl, gotta go out when the moon full, and rock it out, I gotta howl, but I don’t do it loud, I don’t bring it to the house, like a cat did the mouse, cause I ain’t a pussy, I’m a werewolf Inherent from my grandaddy, an heirloom sometimes it skips a generation, That’s why my dad can’t kick the conversation


We are are happy to announce the new album, Fling., from Gummy Soul artist, Wally Clark. Entirely produced and written by Clark, Fling. showcases Clark's knack for storytelling, as he describes a summer romance with clever wordplay and flirtatious wit. The album plays like a memoir, with tales of pool parties that lead to secret late night rendezvous.


released July 5, 2015


all rights reserved



Wally Clark Denver, Colorado

Record Company owned by Rapper/Producer Wally Clark

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